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Kelsie Kimberlin makes a splash in the pop scene once again with her latest summer hit, "Parking Lot."

Updated: Apr 17

You've probably heard the name Kelsie Kimberlin before, not just here at Bad Wolf Records, where she is already one of our most beloved artists, but also on the radio, in magazines, and practically everywhere! After all, this young American-Ukrainian artist has been shaking up the music scene with her boundless creativity and talent, delivering unique creations that aim to leave a lasting impression on her listeners' hearts.

While we've covered and analyzed many of her previous releases in detail, such as "Armageddon," "Vlad," and the more recent "We are the Promise," they have revealed a particular focus that delves deeply into the horrors of the war in Ukraine, making each one of them a definite success in streaming platforms and viral phenomena all over the internet, sparking an 'awakening' in the consciousness of millions around the world and spreading her important message.

However, today Kelsie returns with a completely refreshed vibe to present us with her latest single, "Parking Lot," where she goes back to the pop essence of her beginnings, but this time blending her incredible vocal abilities with an exquisite instrumental composition where Caribbean rhythms and melodies predominate, generating an energetic and uplifting experience from the very first start.

"Parking Lot" stands as her first release of the year, diverging from a focus on her characteristic social and strong political messages to create a striking contrast that masterfully demonstrates not only her versatility as an artist, allowing her to navigate freely through different styles, but also providing a true gift for nostalgic fans who have followed her since the start of her music career.

As usual, Kelsie not only offers an incredibly captivating musical piece, and is that “Parking Lot” also comes with its own music video, for which she embarked on a long journey to the vibrant coasts of Cartagena, Colombia, to give this release a charmingly colorful and joyful touch, positioning it as the perfect summer hit.

"Parking Lot" is a song that centers on the feeling of euphoria and liberation that comes with something we all enjoy—something as spontaneous as dancing. In the song, Kelsie sings about a hot Latina girl who experiences immense joy when she dances to the music and confidently showcases her sensual movements in public while everyone admires and desires her. The song's rhythms blend elements of reggaeton and dancehall, revealing Kelsie's fresh and distinctive approach to Latin beats. It also features Pedro Vengoechea, a prominent Colombian singer and producer, who makes a surprise appearance in the song's second half, delivering spectacular Spanish vocals and making "Parking Lot" resonate universally with both English and Spanish-speaking audiences.


"Cartagena was the perfect place to film this song because it allowed us to capture all the nuances in the song—fun, dancing, color, heat, and lust. I was amazed with the way Sabrina (the dancer) was able to bring my vision to life.  And of course, Pedro is the maestro who made it all happen and Cristian is an incredible director.” 

Kelsie Kimberlin – Singer & Songwriter



The chosen location for this music video perfectly captures the sense of joy and delight that Kelsie conveys throughout her catchy lyrics and melodies. The flawless audiovisual production, led by director Cristian Florez, who pays special attention to the lighting, choreography, and a warm color palette, brings to life the vibe of Latin American dance culture and performing arts.

"Parking Lot," officially released on March 29, establishes itself as her second promotional single of 2024; however, it is the first of many promising singles the young artist has been working on recently and that are yet to come. One of them, "Gotta See Right," has already been announced in a press release from the artist and is set to be released in the middle of this summer.

If you've enjoyed "Parking Lot," you're sure to want to catch "Gotta See Right" and all the great surprises Kelsie has in store for us. That's why we invite you to follow her on social media to stay up to date on her latest news and new releases. You can find the links below.

Additionally, we invite you to experience more of Kelsie's music by clicking on the following >link<, where you can find information about the artist and her complete discography.



Kelsie Kimberlin On-Line


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