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RISE: Legendary Liverpool Rock Band Reunites After 34 Years to Honor the Memory of Beloved Bandmate Steve Kinley, with their New Single 'Without You'.

Updated: Apr 22

After a hiatus of 34 long years, RISE, the acclaimed indie rock band from Liverpool, reunites to kickstart a captivating and emotional project that aims not only to capture the essence and unique energy of their incredible compositions with a fresh and renewed sound but also to bring back the memory of one of their dear friends and co-founding members of the band, Steve Kinley.

"Without You" is the title of their latest and most recent musical offering, which bravely delves into the anguish of losing a loved one and the complexities that come with it over time. Drawing inspiration from the hardships the band has experienced after facing the death of one of their bandmates, Steve Kinley, in 2022, the original bassist and vocalist of RISE, "Without You" goes beyond being a painful experience that reopens old wounds. On the contrary, it offers listeners an opportunity to release those feelings of grief and anguish through its intense and emotional narrative combined with its electrifying melodies, which will provoke a sort of auditory catharsis that imbues incredible inner strength to those who listen to it.

Through spectacular instrumental work where each instrument shines with impeccable definition within a mix that feels immensely colorful and vivid, RISE manages to capture and replicate the emotion and energy that the band produces in their live performances which have characterized them from the beginning and have helped shape and define their own sonic identity. This not only showcases the talent and experience of the musicians who comprise it but also their marked differentiation and authenticity.

The incredible synergy between each sonic element is simply remarkable on this composition. For instance, the exquisite guitar ‘lead licks’, featuring a characteristic delay effect, blend perfectly with the vibrant and immersive sound of the synthesizers. Simultaneously, the percussion, executed with incredible precision and cleanliness, adds weight and depth by intertwining with the intricate bass lines. This creates the perfect stage for a commanding vocal performance to push its charismatic narrative forward.

With a stellar lineup that includes Brian Petch on guitars, Alex Mahoney on percussion, Paul Kinley on keyboards and backing vocals, and the outstanding participation of Sam Kinley (aka stayMellow), who proudly takes on Steve's legacy as vocalist and bassist, RISE comes back to the stage after years of inactivity. This demonstrates that music is not a path you choose; rather, music chooses you to create an unbreakable and eternal bond with, just like Steve’s original vision which comes to life once again thanks to this wonderful project.

"Without You," officially released on January 8, 2024, is part of a larger work that the band has been working on, titled "Memories and Possibilities," an incredible 6-song EP that invites listeners to take a journey through their most iconic hits. Recorded at Whitewood Studios in Liverpool and produced by the skilled producer Rob Whiteley, this album is without a doubt a true musical gem that not only classic rock enthusiasts will enjoy but also a wide variety of audiences due to the inherent dynamism between each track, capturing the attention even of the most discerning listeners.

If you've enjoyed the magic of RISE, we invite you to follow them on their social media channels so you can stay updated on their latest news and upcoming releases, you can find in the links below.


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